15 August 2014

Grandparents gather

​Grandparents and loved ones came from near and far to share in Kindergarten’s Grandparents’ day.

The girls’ faces lit up as they saw their special guests. Barely able to contain their excitement the girls sang for them in French; showing some of the many skills they have been learning at school. 
Grandparents had been asked to bring a toy with them, something that reminded them of their childhood. In the classroom, girls drew around their guest’s hands to create beautiful pictures for them, before playing games and showing them around the classroom.

Girls went hand in hand with their grandparents to the Nan Hind Centre for a morning tea of special cupcakes and sandwiches.
After a few hours of joy and excitement, the girls waved goodbye to their special guests and headed back to class.
Ms Sarah Guy said, “It is such a lovely day not only for the girls but for the grandparents, godparents and ‘great people' in the girls’ lives. You can see the enjoyment on everybody’s face. It is great to see so many guests visiting the girls. Many of the guests had travelled from far and wide; the states of Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria and Queensland were all represented. These special people play such an important role in the girls’ lives, it is wonderful for them to be able to share this day and show their school and work.”