12 May 2017

Government's equitable funding model rises above class warfare

​Last week the government announced its new Commonwealth school funding model, which will be linked to student improvement and school performance. Fabulous news. The government also announced the appointment of David Gonski AC to lead an inquiry into improving students’ declining academic performance. More fabulous news.

Gonski’s report, Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools, is due in December.

We finally have a funding model that rises above public/private warfare to ensure that all schools, whatever sector, are funded in a transparent, consistent manner. As with any change, however, some schools will be adversely affected. Under this new model, and in pursuit of funding fairness, 24 non-government schools will receive a small reduction in funding in 2018. Sadly, no sooner had the new model been announced, Mr Shorten moved the language of the debate back into class ​warfare, commenting that "If Mr Turnbull wants to cut the funding of 24 elite schools … we are up for that"​.

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Dr Julie Townsend