Drama students perform girl asleep. Collage of photos of different characters.
21 May 2019

Congratulations – that’s a wrap!

In Week 2, the cast and crew of Girl Asleep played to packed houses of captivated friends and family. After many days and nights of empty seats, the cast were finally able to enjoy the experience of performing this fun, contemporary play for an audience, and the laughter was a great reward for months of focused rehearsals. With each performance the cast grew stronger and their energy and commitment truly paid off with a slick, engaging and professional production. 

Behind the walls, trapdoors and windows were our talented stage crew, who came on board in the last couple of weeks to add the final magic touches to the production. All in all, this was a wonderful experience that brought the community together over three joyous nights in our refurbished DJSC. 

Congratulations to all the students involved and thank you for making this experience one filled with laughter and warmth.

Ms Melinda Pedavoli and Ms Joanne Martin