Guest speakers amongst them an alumni talk to our students about their careers in STEM
24 August 2018

Game Changers and Change Makers

​We kicked off national Science Week last week with our annual liquid nitrogen ice cream extravaganza! Students watched as the science teachers, hidden behind clouds of condensation, made delicious chocolate ice cream for everyone to enjoy. 

This year's theme 'Game Changers and Change Makers' was celebrated in assembly as Mia Maric (OG2014) shared her journey from St Catherine's girl to studying materials science and engineering at UNSW. In such a short time after leaving school she has become a game changer and change maker in her own right. Much of Mia's research has focused on studying materials at the nano level to find faults and then to use this information to make safer materials and improve lives. She reminded the girls that you may walk through many doors before reaching the one that ultimately leads you to where you want to go but every door along the way still offers invaluable experiences, opportunities and skills. Mia's advice was both encouraging and reassuring, an inspiring role model just as she was during her time at St Cath's.

The girls were also fascinated to learn about ​the work of Dr Noushin Nasiri as she gave an engrossing talk about how her childhood curiosity led her to become a research scientist. Dr. Nasiri is using nanotechnology to engineer a tiny breathalyser that can detect minute chemical changes indicating various diseases, including different types of cancer. This device could be a powerful diagnostic tool which would prevent unnecessary invasive procedures, their associated costs and stress to the patient.

Other highlights included looking at microscopy in Year 7 and exploring new places through virtual reality for Year 8. Years 9 and 10 students played science trivia and competed for prizes with other science and engineering challenges. 

We always have fun in Science Week but we hope our guest speakers have inspired the girls to seriously consider pursuing exciting careers in STEM after leaving school.

Mrs Sera Hurley
Head of Science​