03 June 2016


​Friendship is a special gift and it is our character strength this week. The Junior School prefects led our Years 3-6 assembly on Monday. They did a marvellous job, exploring what it means to be a true friend and encouraging the girls to branch out and expand their circle of friends.

Experience shows us that almost all girls will face friendship challenges and disappointments at some stage in their school years. In the primary school years, friendships grow and change. Sometimes new friendships form. These times of change can be unsettling, and sometimes upsetting for the girls.

Together, we can help the girls through these times and support the development of resilience and positive social skills. We do this by guiding them from a young age, being positive role models, and providing opportunities for play and discussion so that they can learn and practise relationship-building skills. Key social skills include: cooperation, communication, empathy, emotional control and responsibility. 

Ms Sarah Guy
Head of Junior School