18 August 2017

FoodTech Fiesta!

​Over the last ten weeks of school the Year 10 food technology class has been studying a unit titled Food for Events. In this unit we have been learning about the food service and catering industry, more specifically the social and economic impact of the industry to society, the different job opportunities hospitality provides, menu types, recipe writing and food preparation. 

To put all of our knowledge into practice, Ms Togher organised for our class to work just like a functioning restaurant would do and host a two-course lunch for 16 teaching staff members. The class broke into groups of two or three and each group chose a cuisine to base their event on. The plan included cultural research of the cuisine, an evaluation of the social and economic impact it would have on society, the development of recipes, menus and invitations, writing a time management plan for all students to follow on the day and developing costing plans for the recipes. The most well-written and detailed plan was chosen, and we were lucky enough that it was ours! We had planned a Spanish meal where our menu consisted of a chicken and chorizo paella and a crema catalana which is similar to a crème brulee. 

We were nervous about the prospect of leading all our peers as head chefs and being in charge of running of the entire event, with only the supervision of Ms Togher, however we were also very excited for the challenge. The day was spectacular with everybody eager and enthusiastic to prepare a scrumptious meal for the teachers to enjoy. The whole experience was very rewarding as we got to see our ideas in action and it turned out better than we could have imagined. This couldn't have been possible without Ms Togher's help and we are extremely grateful for the opportunity.

Thanks to our other team leader, Charlotte Pysden, who was Maître d' on the day.

Olivia Rochios and Katherine Petsoglouo
Year 10

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