Fun photo of the St Catherine's students competing at Future of Speech
09 November 2018

Festival of Speech 2018

Last week a team of 23 enthusiastic St Catherine's students braved the trip across the harbour to attend the 22nd annual Festival of Speech. The events were spread over both Friday and Saturday and our girls competed gamely, aided by the wise words of their teacher mentors.

We had a victory in the Junior Reading section for Year 8 student Rhianna Jones who delivered a pitch-perfect reading from the Bible, in conjunction with a few words of wisdom from
ex-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. The adjudicator assessed Rhianna's performance as being "far and away the best on the night". 

There were some highlights in the debating where both our teams went 1-1 in their two debates, the senior team making it through to the quarter-finals the next day. This may have something to do with team member Elisabeth Cola's ability to generate aphorisms on the fly, such as "opinion may change people's minds... but the government can force them to!"

We had a busy day on Saturday with girls competing in eight different events, from public speaking to answering religious and ethical questions and even a bit of drama. The girls acquitted themselves so well and while we did not achieve any places, they were all winners in my book. We finished equal 10th out of 27 schools which is a result we can put down solely to the hard work and confidence of our girls. We're looking forward to next year!

Mr Peter McMurdo
English Teacher ​