05 May 2017

Faith Week 2017

​​We all know the importance of being connected. Just about everything in life is better when you're not alone but with people that you love. And being connected is something the Bible speaks a lot about, especially being connected to God. This year's Faith Week theme is 'Get Connected', where girls have had the chance to think through what this might mean for them.

Mrs Cheryl Webster spoke at assembly about her three decades at Anglicare working with refugees, and how making good connections with those displaced from their homes is something that can radically transform fellow human beings' lives. We have had over 30 guests from local churches and campus groups lead small discussion groups where students can ask all their questions about the Bible. Guest speaker Ben Staunton spoke in chapel about the way anyone can get connected to God through Jesus by explaining the story of Zacchaeus.

Girls have had a fantastic time at a variety of fun and interesting lunchtime activities: Cookie decorating, listening to Triple J unearthed singer-songwriter Daniel Tomalaris at lunchtime, popcorn and the Lego movie in the Research Centre and even seeing teachers battling each other to build IKEA furniture with their hands tied.

It has been a great week of building connections with each other and understanding what it means to be connected to God.

Rev Alex Koch