06 May 2016

Faith Week 2016 - Too good to be True?

‚ÄčAt first glance, it may seem like the message about Jesus is too good to be true. Can we really be accepted by God no matter who we are or what we've done? This has been the theme for this year's Faith Week: Exploring the enormity of the claims made by Jesus and investigating whether we can trust them.

We have had over 20 guest group leaders from local churches and campus Christian groups lead small discussion groups where students can ask all their questions about the Bible. Guest speaker Alli Muscat from Crusaders spoke in chapel about the way Jesus taught that knowing and being known by God is the most valuable thing anyone can experience.

Lunchtime activities have almost been too good to be true: Cookie decorating, seeing teachers battling wits in a hilarious gameshow, enjoying fairy bread in blanket cubbies and live music played for a BBQ lunch. Students have had a chance to enjoy themselves as they consider God's goodness to them.

Rev Alex Koch - Chaplain‚Äč