Girls are decorating cookies and playing a game with teachers
10 May 2019

Faith Week – Busting myths left, right and centre!

​This year's Faith Week theme is Mythbusters, and girls have been exploring a variety of statements to see whether they are true or are in fact just myths. From the not-so-serious (do goldfish really have a three-second limit to their memory?) to the more weighty (did Jesus really rise from the dead?), girls were able to put many common ideas to the test.

We have had over 30 guests from local churches and campus groups lead small discussion groups where students can ask all their questions about the Bible. Guest speaker Dr Giselle Kidson-Gerber spoke to the girls at assembly, sharing about how her curiosity led her both to becoming a haematologist and to exploring the evidence for Jesus in the Bible. Her scientific approach to examining the claims of Jesus actually led her to put more confidence in what she read rather than less, busting the myth that taking Jesus seriously means switching off your rational faculties. 

Girls have had a fantastic time at a variety of fun and interesting lunchtime activities: Cookie decorating, listening to musically talented students perform live at lunchtime, popcorn and Mythbusters in the research centre and even seeing teachers battling each other in a mythbusting game show. It has been a great week of reflecting on God's love for us in Jesus.

Rev Alex Koch