06 November 2014

Exciting new building plans

St Catherine’s staff took to the streets on the weekend to spread the word about the School’s exciting new development plans. Headmistress Dr Julie Townsend and Deputy Headmistress Mrs Victoria Rennie were part of a team that put on their walking shoes to deliver letters to our neighbours explaining our plans for the School's new RPAC complex.

The RPAC, or research, performing arts and aquatic centre, is the first stage of a Master Plan to improve student facilities and accommodate population growth over the next 15 years.

See the development plans in detail on our dedicated new RPAC website. This week's Wentworth Courier printed a letter to the Editor from Dr Townsend, a community information announcement and a notification from the NSW Department of Planning & Environment.

"The education of our girls is of great importance to us; but so is our wish to live harmoniously in our local community," Dr Townsend said. "We are committed to being open about our building plans, and want to ensure that the information circulating in the community is accurate and reliable."

"We are also trying to mitigate any traffic impact by staggering the times our students leave at the end of the day and encouraging them to cycle or walk to school," Dr Townsend added.

Find out more about St Catherine’s development plans

See the flyby video.

Go to the RPAC website.

View the Master Plan on the NSW Department of Planning & Environment website link.

A model of the proposed development can be viewed at Waverley Municipal Council until 5 December

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