Junior School student happy with her creativity project smiles in the classroom
27 October 2017

Enhancing creativity

​​Our character strength focus for this week is creativity. We know that creativity is one of the key skills for learning, life and work in the 21st century. We also know that creativity flourishes in a socially supportive atmosphere, where there is openness to new ideas. Researcher Csikszentmihalyi (1996) uses the term 'congenial environment' to describe this. By igniting excitement in classrooms and nourishing respect for novel ideas, our teachers encourage creative and divergent thinking.   

Creativity involves being imaginative and original, and thinking of new ways of doing things. We have challenged the girls this week to broaden their thinking about creativity and to understand that they can be creative in many areas of life, from music and art, to cooking and problem solving. Open-ended questions are a great way to stimulate creative thinking in children. Here are some examples you might like to try at home:

If you could live in a tree house, would you? What are three advantages and three disadvantages of living in a tree house?

If you could choose one thing that costs money and make it free for everyone forever, what would you choose? Why?

Are you more like a river, a lake, an ocean or a waterfall? Why?

Ms Sarah Guy
Deputy Headmistress | Head of Junior School