21 November 2014

Emily's exquisite artwork

Exquisite drawings and creative designs by Emily Stern have been shortlisted for two prestigious exhibitions.

Emily Stern has been nominated for the annual showcases of the most outstanding HSC work in NSW for both her Visual Arts and Design and Technology submissions.

ArtExpress features student artworks developed for the artmaking component of the HSC examination in Visual Arts in NSW. The final choice of display pieces is made by the curators and depends on the venue, available space and other factors.

Fine drawing

Among Emily’s Body of Work is her series of drawings of birds called End of Flight (See below). Head of the Arts Mrs Glenis Israel said Emily has always had a passion for realistic drawing which has seen full expression in this drawing series which is both meaningful and quirky.

Emily said she aimed to challenge the audience and remind them of the beauty of nature that is being destroyed. "The fragility and vulnerability of nature is represented in my work through various drawings of birds, birds being symbols of freedom, and how this freedom is restricted by the destructive human activities."

Environmental influence

Emily has also been nominated for DesignTECH at the Powerhouse Museum. It features outstanding Major Design Projects from HSC Design and Technology students and Emily's work is a range of fashion garments that raise awareness about the impact of deforestation.

Her teacher, Miss Jessica Hill said Emily was extremely creative, focussed and hardworking. "She thoroughly deserves this honour and it is a reflection of her dedication across this year long project. The design and technology department are extremely proud of her."

Mrs Israel added that being nominated in both categories was prestigious and very exciting. "It is a fitting tribute for Emily’s overall creativity and dedication," she said.