28 July 2017

Digging into history in the Junior School

​These questions were posed by Karolina from the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS) during a recent visit to St Catherine's. The girls were filled with awe and wonder​ as they examined artefacts and posed a range of questions to find out an object's historical narrative. They completed a thinking map to describe the general characteristics of historical artefacts and began work on their archive journals.

Stage 1 is excited to be participating in a co-design project with MAAS. This collaborative approach between educators and experts will ensure class teachers and girls have the opportunity to learn from professionals in their fields. They will access real information sources and think and work like a geographer and an historian. Over the course of the term they will be conducting fieldwork at Centennial Park, learning mapping skills at MAAS and participating in a virtual meeting with Charles Pickett, a history curator.

Mrs Vanessa Browning, Deputy ​Head of Junior School 
Miss Amanda Dodson, Stage1Leader and Coordinator of STEM​