19 February 2016

Coding in Kindergarten

​​Kindergarten girls jumped into the new geography syllabus by constructing maps of familiar places. During inquiry based lessons, the girls explored maps and answered the essential questions: What is a map? Why do we need them? What is their purpose?

The girls then explored a variety of maps using Bee Bots (programmable floor robots), learning how to give directions and get the Bee Bot from A to B. The girls took the initiative to use pencils to create roads and they even engineered obstacles. They then created a map for a Bee Bot, focusing on representing a familiar place. Willow drew a map of her local area, showing how to get from her house to that of her friend. These points were represented on her map using little houses as symbols.

Year 6 Friday Friends were invited to help test the maps once they were finished. The students worked together to program the Bee Bot and Year 6 encouraged the Kindergarten girls to use appropriate vocabulary and try again if their initial directions didn't work. This was a great opportunity for immediate feedback and for the girls to bond over a positive learning experience.

Ms Sarah Guy
Head of Junior School