05 August 2016

Character strengths of the heart

​​The character strengths of love, kindness, friendship and generosity were on display in the Junior School when 65 personal care packages were handed over during assembly to Joanna and Leslie from the Asylum Seekers Centre. Over 350 donated items of shampoos, shower gels, tissues, deodorants, toothbrushes and toothpastes, were packed into reusable shopping bags by the Student Representative Council for distribution to those in need in our community.

 Some members of the SRC reflected on their most recent service learning experiences.

 It was fun dressing up in red clothes and I liked being able to bring items to school to help people who really need themHolly Negas 3C

 I wore a red dress and beret on mufti day because red celebrates the character strengths of kindness and generosity. The whole school came together for an assembly and different grades brought in different items so we could make up personal care packages.  Zoe Tinellis 4C

I felt great as we packed so many bags of goods because I knew they were going to a good cause. It really had a big impact on me when the guest speakers showed us where some people had come from.  Jasmine Ruffa 5L

Mrs Anne Nicolaou
Coordinator of Academic Care K-6​