10 October 2014

Celebrating learning

​Why are ideas important? Why is it important to wonder? What makes a great teacher?

These and other provocations stimulated great discussion in the lead up to our inaugural celebration of learning.

The Junior School was overflowing with excitement as girls welcomed their parents into classrooms at the end of Term 3. During the morning, children and parents worked together on a range of tasks that involved critical and creative thinking. Lively lessons were demonstrated across K-6 and it was a delight to hear the buzz of activity as problems were solved, ideas debated and constructions created.

In other classrooms, thinking routines were examined and goals were set. Reflection on feedback is a valuable part of the learning process and parents were given the opportunity to give constructive feedback to their daughters.

Prior to the classroom visits, Mrs Browning and I shared with parents our approach to learning in the Junior School.  Parents were then able to see how our beliefs about learning shape the learning experiences offered to their daughters on a daily basis. We asked parents to contribute to our celebration by providing their thoughts on what makes a successful learner. Their responses included:

"Someone who has an enquiring mind, takes risks with their learning and learns from their mistakes."

"A good learner is curious, focused and inspired."
"To look at God’s wondrous creation and ask how and why, and to explore his great love for us in all of his creation."
"A brave person who asks questions and participates in her lessons. She is confident and learns from others."

This really was a wonderful day and we look forward to celebrating learning with our parents next year. 

Ms Sarah Guy
Head of Junior School