24 March 2016

Celebrating Easter in 2016

‚ÄčEaster must be a very special occasion. Garden variety special occasions only warrant a three day weekend, but Easter gives us a full four days off! Of course, at Easter we remember the remarkable event that God himself died on the cross so that we can find forgiveness and acceptance.

At the Junior School Easter Service, students from Stage 3 explored the vexed question of who Jesus is, and the Bible's conclusion that he is our Lord and Saviour who died for us. Guest speaker, Pete Tong, showed Senior School students the way the defiantly skeptical Thomas came to be convinced, by the overwhelmingly convincing evidence, that Jesus did in fact rise from the dead. At both services the girls sang enthusiastically and we shared many fun and exciting reminders of the significance of this special event that we remember 2000 years later.  View photos of both events.

Why not visit one of the many Easter services happening in our community this Good Friday and Easter Sunday?
Here are some details of churches in our area:


St Luke's Anglican Church, Clovelly  

Friday: 9:15am

Sunday: 9:15am, 4pm


St Matthias Anglican Church, Paddington

Friday: 9:30am

Sunday: 10am followed by Easter picnic


St John's Anglican Church, Maroubra

Friday: 9am

Sunday: 8:30am, 10am, 6pm


Wild Street Anglican Church, Pagewood

Friday: 10:30am

Sunday: 10:30am, 5pm


St Mark's Anglican Church, Malabar

Friday: 9:30am

Sunday: 8:45am, 10am, 5pm