Students dressed up as Harry Potter in the Research Centre
29 June 2017

Catch the Hogwart​s Express

​Have you ever wanted to jump through the wall at Platform 9¾? Well that's exactly what you could do last Thursday afternoon in the Research Centre! Our wonderful Bibliophiles Anonymous book club came together for a special celebration of 20 Years of Harry Potter. Yes, it's hard to believe but it's 20 years since we first met Harry, Hermione and Ron!

Over 30 Potter-mad girls dressed up for the occasion with colourful types including dementors, Dobby, the Weasley twins and the lovely Luna Lovegood. We played some pretty cool games too with a bit of transfiguration and polyjuice potion - petrificus statues, stomp the dementor and pin the sock on Dobby's heart. Heated arguments flared with 'Would you rather...' as in 'Would you rather spend a week in Azkaban or as a prisoner in Malfoy's basement?' Fierce competition for 'house' points ensued with the winning house, you guessed it, Gryffindor! Hufflepuff came a close second, and Ravenclaw and Slytherin were well represented.

Appetites were peaked for a pizza feast which was quickly demolished. Best costume prize of a coveted golden snitch went to Lynette Zhang for her Dobby. But every Potter fan left with something – great wands (pens), Hogwarts house crest bookmarks, lolly bags full of magic loot - worms, frogs, strange jelly beans…

Prizes were kindly donated by Mrs Nguyen Duy, a St Cath's parent and great supporter of the Research Centre. We can safely say we have celebrated this important literary event in perfect Hogwarts St Cath's style!

View more photos in our Harry Potter's Facebook album.

Ms Nicky Schey
​Head of Research Centre / History teacher