09 May 2017

CEO inspires at professional women’s networking evening

​Guests gathered to listen to the inspiring words of St Cath’s mother and CEO of MetLife, Deanne Stewart at last night’s professional women’s networking evening at Barangaroo. It was a fabulous night and a wonderful opportunity for mothers and alumni to connect and share their stories.

Deanne has over 20 years of experience in the financial services sector. Currently, Deanne is the CEO of MetLife, a leading global life insurance provider, and has also been a GM with BT Financial Group, an MD with Merrill Lynch and an Engagement Manager with McKinsey and Company in London.

Deanne spoke about her career, the challenges and successes she has faced and continues to face, and the learning along the way, in keeping with the theme 'Helping professional women succeed'. The emphasis on the importance of communication, compassion and care in a leadership role, or as described by Deanne, ‘human-centred leadership’ was truly refreshing. Her thought-provoking discussion, encouraging words, and career guidance was applicable to each and every one of the varied roles in the room.

A very special thank you to St Cath’s mother Bridget Powell for arranging our fabulous venue at the HSBC offices in Barangaroo.

The professional women's networking program is an initiative of the St Catherine's Foundation Connections committee chaired by Anne-Maree Taylor. ​If you would like to join the invitation list for these events, please email