Year 10 being taught about native Australian bush food in the Botanic Garden
22 February 2019

Bush tucker in the Botanic Gardens

Year 10 food technology students went on an excursion to the Royal Botanic Gardens where we cooked, ate and learned about an abundance of native Australian bush foods and medicines. Beginning with a short bus and a train trip into the city we arrived at the gardens in no time and before we knew it found ourselves out in the bush tucker garden picking fresh finger limes, trying kangaroo and making traditional damper. The leaders of the tour were excited to share and teach us about the bush food and lifestyle of Indigenous Australians prior to British colonisation. 

While the excursion was both fun and entertaining, it also allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of Indigenous Australia. It was a great introduction to our first topic Bubu Mayi. The excursion was overall a fun, unique and interesting trip which I can easily say the whole class enjoyed. 

Madison Souvlis, Year 10​