01 September 2016

Bringing dreams to life

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." And there is no better environment for our students to dream than our new multipurpose facility.  

RPAC will provide the girls at St Catherine's the opportunity to learn in an environment which encourages and focuses on research and performing arts - both key in developing inquiring minds, confidence and innovation. It is a gift which will not only benefit current students but also many future generations.  

At St Catherine's our facilities have traditionally been funded through the generosity of the school community and RPAC is no different. We need to raise $5 million in total to bring our dreams to life and make RPAC the glittering jewel in St Catherine's crown. 

While Natasha Nankivell's daughter, Sophie, will graduate next year and not directly benefit from RPAC, she felt that it was important to contribute to the school's proud history of donor-funded development. 

"During her time at St Catherine's, my daughter has enjoyed the many facilities and beautiful surrounds of the school which past parents and friends have built.  I am very grateful to those people who made those contributions and, no doubt in some cases, sacrifices for the school community's ongoing prosperity." 

Ms Nankivell's donation to RPAC is a wonderful way to honour her daughter's time at St Catherine's and maintain a connection with the school. 

 If you would also like to make a donation, please click here​ to donate online or phone 02 8305 6238 to speak with our Head of Community Relations, Marilyn Rickard, about your support.