St Catherines School Crest
19 June 2014

Board of Studies praise

​St Catherine’s staff have good reason to quietly celebrate this year. The Board of Studies inspector visited the School in June and advised the Headmistress, Dr Julie Townsend that the School is completely compliant and our Registration and accreditation would be renewed for 5 years. 

Dr Townsend told staff that the inspector, Mr Lindsay Swan, had noted the “richness of the school.”  He said in his view, the girls here were "very lucky."  He said they get "a very good education in a lovely environment, with caring staff." 
He noted that “the curriculum is strong from Junior School and Senior School. It is above compliance,” and there was glowing praise for boarding, CRICOS, policies and procedures and quality of curriculum. The inspector also said he would take away the impression that St Catherine’s is a school with strong relationships.
Dr Townsend thanked St Catherine’s staff for their dedication and hard work.