St Catherine's students made lolly bags during Faith Week
11 May 2018

Best bargain ever – Faith week 2018

​​​Everyone loves a bargain and St Cath's students are no different! This year's faith week theme is 'best bargain ever', where students have been exploring the idea that God's love for us in Jesus is just that: a bargain. We get something incredibly valuable (worth more than a beachfront mansion) for an unbelievably low price (cheaper than a can of Coke).

We have had over 35 guests from local churches and campus groups lead small discussion groups where students can ask all their questions about the Bible. Guest chapel speaker Ms Talar Khatchoyan explained how John 3:16 shows us exactly the surprising lengths God goes to in order to​ show his love for us.

Girls have had fun at a variety of interesting lunch time activities: Cookie decorating, live music from our talented music students, popcorn and Cheapest Weddings in the research centre, and even seeing teachers battling each other in The Price is Right.

It has been a great week of reflecting on God's love for us in Jesus.

Rev Alex Koch - Chaplain​