Year 7 students drawing of 2 young girls, an old man and the profile of a girl with a braid
21 May 2019

A thoughtful approach to artmaking

The introduction to senior school visual art for Year 7 was an exploration of a range of portraits throughout Term 1. Students learnt about the potential of different techniques and mediums to create unique qualities, as well as developing their understanding of face proportions and improving their observational skills.

Our featured artist is Annika, who shows great potential in her skill and thoughtful approach to artmaking. Annika demonstrates an impressive sophistication in her style, and a mature awareness of technical subtleties.

"I really like drawing portraits because I like giving character to the people in my drawings." Annika

We look forward to seeing Annika and all Year 7 extend their talents this year.

Mr Tim Ulrick
Visual Arts Teacher ​