24 August 2016

40 Hour Famine

Every day 795 million people go through their day hungry. But this is a different kind of hunger to a stomach ache or the feeling after missing breakfast. This hunger is relentless, starving the body of the nutrients it needs to grow. It affects health, education, family life and leads to many people around the world to be chronically malnourished.

It was this very number that inspired Gemma Scheinberg and Aurelia King to give up their hair for this year's 40 Hour Famine. As teenage girls, appearances, in particular, hair, are extremely important. Each day we spend time grooming, fixing and brushing our hair without even realising how valuable it is to us. But, this isn't the only thing we take for granted. We know that every day we will get three meals, go to school and finally go to sleep in our bed feeling full, safe, cared for and loved.

So for this year's 40 hour famine, Gemma and Aurelia gave up our hair to inspire others to give up anything we as Australians take for granted, for 40 hours of this year. Whether this be food, furniture or even social media, each person has an instrumental part to play in raising money and awareness for the amazing work World Vision does. Their friends Zoe and Isabella helped deliver the presentation and have helped to promote fundraising around the school. They have been supported by student service leaders, as well as the Phillips House who have World Vision as their house charity. 

​Don't miss our girls' interview about the reasons behind cutting their hair off for the 40 Hour Famine and the video in the Daily Telegraph here.

Picture: Dylan Robinson

Mrs Sarah Charles
History teacher | Year 9 mentor | Coordinator of Service Education