27 July 2018

​​​​​​​​​​Year 9 commerce stalls

As part of the topic 'Running a Business', commerce students put theory into practice and devise business names, marketing strategies, financial set-up, revenue statements, operation plans and supplier management as part of the process. 

All groups created websites to receive pre-orders online. A few stalls had even sold out before the stalls had opened due to online orders. Each group was allowed five posters throughout the school and the girls quickly learned that the most effective location for advertisements was near the Year 7 and 8 locker rooms. 

We had 19 businesses selling goods and experiences including chocolate, McDonald's burgers, hot chocolates, the chance to throw sponges at teachers, pizza, and more chocolate! Students learned the benefits of differentiating products, and understanding target markets. The most successful stall raised over $200 with more than $2500 raised in total for Project Futures, the prefects' chosen charity. Many groups chose to donate their expenses as well, highlighting the service mentality we have here at St Catherine's.

Big thanks to the staff who gave up their lunch time and even their dry clothes: Ms Read, Mr Compton, Mr Fellows, Mr Caputo, Mr Wilson, Mr Vancers, Mrs Charles, and a special mention to Mrs Clancy who was a definite favourite for a certain activity on sale!

Ms Daisy Turnbull Brown
Director of Positive Psychology, Humanities teacher  ​