St Catherine's students pitching their entrepreneur ideas
01 January 0001
Where: St Catherine's School When: 7/03/2019 6:00 PM – 7/03/2019 7:00 PM

Empowering young women through entrepreneurship

The Young Entrepreneurs program is designed to change the mindset of students to encourage them to think critically and creatively to solve the problems of the world. The program harnesses students’ passions and interests using business and entrepreneurship as a vehicle for change – to empower the girls to become people who take action and who see possibilities and solutions to problems. Through the exploration of real-life case studies, connecting with local business and entrepreneurs, and seeing new businesses in action, the girls are challenged to develop a business solution to a problem that is driven by their passion.

The girls from last year’s program found the knowledge acquired and experience gained from the program invaluable as they think about their future career options.

They reflect here on last year's experience:

"The excursions taken to Fish Burners and University of Sydney pitch night were incredibly helpful in understanding the wide range of career possibilities in the future. And the in-school educational program has encouraged me to start viewing my own ambitions and charity as two concepts that can work together."  Lucinda Uhd

"I participated in the entrepreneurship program last year and I thought it was a very valuable experience. We were not only able to creatively transpire new business ideas but also bi-weekly interaction with different start-up companies and amazing people who have successfully started their business whilst also addressing the adversities that they had to undergo. Overall, I definitely recommend this program as it not only improves your confidence skills through pitching but also increases your imagination to innovate new ideas."  Junias Tjanaria

"I found it a very unique and exciting program in which you learnt about real life entrepreneurs who have produced products that you may see or even use in every day life. I especially enjoyed the excursions, in particular attending the USYD pitch night – it was such an inspirational and educational experience where students were able to see aspiring young entrepreneurs, who, perhaps, we are soon to become.” Nala Hong

This year the program has been developed and expanded to offer the opportunity to students from Years 9–12. The launch evening for the program will be held on Thursday 7 March including a keynote in business and future works and presentation of pitches from previous year’s winners. I would like to invite our parent community to support the development of our girls as young entrepreneurs by attending the launch evening to learn a bit more about this rewarding program.

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Date: Thursday 7 March from 6pm to 7pm

Location: St Catherine's School - Chapel 

Ms Flora Yeoum
Senior School STEM Coordinator​