Student studying
15 April 2019

Studying tips

​​​​​​​1. Eat healthy food, drink lots of water, get lots of sleep and exercise.

2. Make flashcards, use colours, create mindmaps.

3. Organise notes – write in your own words.

4. Test yourself – a hard one but so worthwhile.

5. Take a break!

6. Use the library – libraries are great places to study.

7. Discover your learning style (listening, visual, by doing).

8. Study every day. It will become a good habit.

9. Be supportive – help each other out.

10. Ask for help, teachers and friends are there for you.

11. Use mnemonics – tricks to help you remember content.

12. Set yourself a reward at the end of the task.

13. Break down your work into small bearable chunks.

14. Work with friends but watch the chatting.

Kylie McCullah Ms Kylie McCullah
Head of Academic Challenge
BEd MEdLead Cert Gifted Ed​



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