House groups are communities of girls within the whole school community that offer a supportive and collaborative environment outside the classroom. The St Catherine’s house system operates across the Junior and Senior Schools and the girls take on house activities with loyalty and camaraderie, developing a strong sense of belonging and affiliation.

House activities


There are seven St Catherine's houses, Bronte, Barker, Casterton, Hulme-Moir, Sutherland, Phillips and Patterson. House activities include sports carnivals, academic challenge weeks, drama festivals, clubs and choirs, cross-age mentoring and debating.

House fundraisers encourage students to give back to the community through activities that run in conjunction with the service education program. They help each girl prepare for service and leadership in local and global communities. The girls meet in house groups at least twice a week and their mentor group is also house-based.

House activities not only offer opportunities for girls to develop leadership skills but also to participate and engage with students in other age groups and peer groups. The house captains and officials are supported by a house leader who is an experienced staff member.

These student house leadership roles are a fun and engaging way to learn about motivation, communication and teamwork and they are part of a suite of life skills that are important in any vocation.

Year 11 girls are student house officials and Year 12 girls are captains and vice-captains."