Learning enrichment

Learning enrichment is a series of supportive programs provided across the Junior and Senior Schools. We strive to make sure each girl reaches her learning potential and achieves her goals.

Academic inclusion


Junior School      

The Learning Enrichment team aims for inclusion for all girls and Learning Enrichment programs are provided as in-class support and small group instruction. Intensive one-on-one literacy and numeracy programs are offered to students who need extra support.

Our Junior School girls are closely monitored from Kindergarten to Year 6 to make sure they are on track academically. There is a referral process for appropriate testing and support is provided by our team or outside specialists. Progress is monitored and we work closely with teachers, families and specialists to maintain a collaborative approach to learning.

Senior School

Senior students who may benefit from learning support are identified and referred to the faculty for further assessment. They meet with a member of the learning enrichment team who will help with assessments, study skills, examination preparation and organisation. The team has established intervention programs for girls who need more intensive support.

Learning enrichment - English Language


English as Another Language (EAL)

The Learning Enrichment team oversees the English as Another Language (EAL) program. All students whose primary language is not English receive support to enhance their learning.

English PLUS

St Catherine's offers English Plus as a learning enrichment elective to provide academic development in Years 8, 9 and 10. The course is offered by invitation and students receive literacy support and cross-curricular intervention in all subject areas.

There are a number of ways we support girls – through differentiation, classroom groupings, modifications and provisions in the classrooms."