Gifted and talented

To expand our students’ understanding beyond the core curriculum, there are gifted and talented programs across the Junior and Senior Schools. Students can be challenged to excel in many ways and our collaborative planning caters for each girl holistically.

Individual Profiles


Gifted and talented students are identified through individual assessments and feedback. We encourage and challenge our students across all subjects and skill areas at every opportunity. Once we have identified a student who is potentially gifted and talented we develop an individual profile for her.  This information is available to all our staff so they can make sure she receives a tailored program of work.

Opportunities for enrichment occur in the classroom and in the co-curricular programs and competitions. For example, Junior School girls are encouraged to take part in challenging activities such as the Tournament of the Minds, debating, robotics, the da Vinci Decathlon and 'Write a Book in a Day'. Students who excel in particular subjects may also be recommended for extension beyond the core curriculum or acceleration beyond their year level.

opportunities for enrichment


Write a Book in a Day!

This fun and absorbing project happens during Book Week. Girls are briefed with a set of parameters relating to characters, settings and words to include in their stories. Each team will then spend a day planning, drafting, illustrating and producing a book.

Robotics Club

Robotics was introduced in 2009 for Junior School girls to learn new skills and be challenged. Simple robots are built from Lego and programmed to move using motors and sensors. Girls are invited to participate in Robogal workshops, run by engineering students at the University of NSW.

In mathematics and literacy, there is a particular focus for students to engage in sophisticated investigations."