Beyond the curriculum activities

To nurture our girls' creative, physical, social and intellectual abilities the School offers an extensive program of Beyond the Curriculum activities. Our holistic approach enables your daughter to reach her true potential and prepares her for life after school.

Developing life skills


Leadership, decision making, taking responsibility, commitment, motivation and working as part of a team are skills developed in our Beyond the Curriculum (BTC) programs. All girls at the School are encouraged to participate to develop initiative, confidence and teamwork.

Extending learning


Our extra-curricular program and Out of School Hours Care make up BTC. Both enhance and extend student learning and experiences outside the curriculum in an open, fun and enjoyable environment.

Junior School girls are involved in programs such as yoga, cooking, Chinese, art, Trinity Guildhall speech and drama, Wakikirri, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, tennis, dance, acrobatics, swimming and diving.

The Beyond the Curriculum handbook 2017​​ contains information about enrolment, lesson content and skill level requirements or contact the BTC administration at or on 8305 6313.

 St Catherine's Holiday Program