Reviews and testimonials about St Catherine's

We thank the members of our current and past communities who have written their personal reflections about the School.

Comments and reviews from our Facebook page


“Everything this school does has a lot of love and thought put into it.”
Patricia Godwin - Junior School Christmas Chapel Service 2015

“Victoria is in her second term of her first year of school in Kindy and she's loving it. Thank you to Ms K. Read & all the teachers and students that help out to make a little one to feel home and safe. Ta.”
Cynthia Duca reviewed St Catherine's as 5 star in May 2015

"I would give 5 stars to the head of boarding Mrs Trish Wilson, boarding staff member, Catherine and chemistry teacher, Mrs Serena Gilligan. Overall I quite enjoyed my time at St Caths.
Deb Chen reviewed St Catherine's as 4 star in October 2015

“I was very grateful for attending St Catherine’s from 1966-1969. I learned to be responsible, confident and grow as an individual.”
Margaret Cheung Liu reviewed St Catherine's in October 2012

"I'm so impressed with how St Catherine's has developed since I first attended in the very early sixties up until Year 12 in 1974."
Susan Hannan reviewed St Catherine's in April 2014

Reviews from our old girls and current students 

"I love St Catherine's because of the atmosphere, the opportunities and the friendships" 
Chelsea - Year 12 

"One thing that was really unique about St Catherine's was that it did encourage you to be an individual and to find your own artistic style"
Zoe Durand - Old Girl 


Speech Night 2015
Thank you for a superb evening. The music, the speeches and particularly Dr John Best - who was the absolute 'Best!!' What a wonderful address on character! Our family have been discussing his speech ever since we hopped into the car to drive home. What a refreshing, honest and genuinely 'real' person. Thank you St Catherine’s once again for never failing to delight, entertain and inspire our community." 
Rose Sassine, Year 12 parent

I was a boarder there for 10 years between 1981-1991 - loved it, it was my second home and family. "
Sarah Watt reviewed St Catherine's as 5 star in November 2014